About Me

In Summary...

I am an online professional with extensive experience in developing digital properties of all shapes and sizes. From designing and coding small business websites to project managing high-profile, global online destinations - always with a focus on compelling user-experience and best of breed functionality.

Highly skilled in managing international projects and diverse teams, to deliver on complex business strategies.

Specialties: User experience, site design, information architecture, web technologies, content management systems, site localisation, asset management, stakeholder & client liaison.


Career Overview

Leaving college with a qualification in Audio Visual Design in the early ‘90s, I began my career in the newspaper and magazine industry as a graphic artist.

Once I started using Compuserve – the early online information service – and subsequently the even more exciting “world wide web” in 1994/5, I knew I had found something I really wanted to immerse myself in. I learnt how to design and code websites and, with a good friend, established one of the first web design companies in Bristol in 1995.

After we were acquired by a larger software company, I decided to move to London, where I spent many years working for some of the largest and most creative online and marketing agencies. Working predominantly with entertainment and FMCG brands, I eventually moved from creative roles into more account, strategy and project management positions.

From 2007 to 2012, I enjoyed my first “client-side” role as a Senior Producer in the Global Online teams at Electronic Arts, the world’s largest publisher of interactive gaming. (More info here)

Since leaving EA in 2012, I have had a number of varied positions. I spent some time freelancing as a UX/UI Designer, had several stints in agencies as a Digital Project Manager and even spent time working for the Government Digital Service (GDS) advising Government agencies such as DEFRA and the Home Office on how to transition their online presence to http://www.gov.uk.

I spent two-and-a-half years at The Royal Meteorological Society, a charity and membership organistaion that works with meterologists and climate scientists. As Digital Strategy Lead and Project Manager, I worked to define, champion and implement a Digital Strategy that would streamline their online activities, increase awareness and ultimately grow membership. This involved a Rebrand, the creation of both Content and Engagement Strategies and the delivery of a new website.

After a short period back in the contract world, I returned to the Games industry and joined Jagex, the developers and publishers of Runescape - one of the oldest most popular MMORPGs with over 1.2M subscribers. I've been working with the Product Marketing, Creative Services, Technical and other Publishing teams across a variety of projects (including the launch of Runescape on mobile and launching on Steam), defining process and providing support and clarity for all stakeholders

I am always looking for my next challenge - both career and personal . If you think you have something that might interest me, I’d love to hear about it.


In Person...

I wear black a lot, but I promise I am one of the good guys.

I live with in Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK.

I'm older on the outside than I feel on the inside.

I had a near-death experience in 2006. I'll probably tell you about it some time.

I make Abstract, Minimalist and Conceptual art that I exhibit and sell around the UK.

According to the popular Strengths Finder 2.0, my five main strengths are: Input, Ideation, Intellection, Learner and Activator. All of which means that I am great at researching, thinking, planning, and implementing.

I've also been told that I'm a multipotentialite. I think this explains why my experience is so broad and this website contains claim to so many abilities. I love (and do) a LOT of things with equal passion - there isn't enough time in the day!

A few of those things would be music, photography, art, literature, film, graphic design, the internet, motorbikes, current affairs, politics, the great outdoors, swimming.. the list goes on!

My heroes are Bill Drummond (see also http://www.penkilnburn.com), Robert Smith and Bill Hicks (R.I.P.)


"A Few Of My Favourite Things..."

I love Pinterest.

Probably moreso than any other Social Network - in fact, I would go so far as to say that I'm addicted.

I've built up quite a collection of "Pins" and "Boards" over the years (although nowhere near as many as some people!) and I really feel like they are a true reflection of the things that I find inspiring, beautiful, meaningful and important in my life.

You can checkout my profile here: http://www.pinterest.com/richy1311